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About Us

Translating language of materials into functional art for contract, hospitality and projects.

Bringing unparalleled assembly of furniture, furnishings and home accessories, FINALI’s unmistakable unique style celebrate the exquisite potential of materials. Masterfully combining utilitarian and artisanal technique and detailing from hand carving wood, flame bending rattan, abrading shells, inlaying veneers, hand-forging metal and hand-hewing stones and other composites, this Cebu-based company not only earned its place in the line of award-winning furniture makers that hailed from the Philippines’s Queen City of the South but also in the fine tastes of the most discerning and sophisticated members of the hospitality, contract and project markets.

FINALI’s product lines, ranging from tabletop accoutrements, floor to ceiling lamps and lighting, to larger-than-life, iconic, luxury lounge chairs, have made for enchanting piece de resistance even to the most palatial of spaces including airports, luxury hotels, specialty shops and resorts.

A connection with nature
From a chair that abloom from its stem, to infinity-looped rattan couch inspired by the sea, anyone who sees a FINALI piece immediately resonates a connection with nature. The mastermind behind these surreal designs is Angelo. If one were to ask him where he source his whimsical ideas, he would happily point you to their locale where the vast nature provides for endless inspiration and material connection. Combine this with the pool of incredibly reliable and highly skilled master craftsmen whom he works hand in hand with, his visions come to life in the most impressive form possible.

The duo’s combined passion for design has proven, time and again, as the most essential gift they needed to thrive in the industry. And thrive they did. From Asia to Europe, FINALI’s extensive list of clients, that only ever expands year after year, is a testament to their commitment to quality and unwavering design ethos that blur the lines between object and art and combines the most essential function and form, for good measure.